Nathan Litmer, new Business Manager North America

nathan litmer

The KIMYA team welcomes a new business development manager for the North American market! Nathan Litmer joined the company in June 2021 and aims to increase the presence of our brand in the United States and Canada by developing new partnerships and collaborations with direct clients. Nathan has recently discovered additive manufacturing and is already won over by the possibilities it offers, convinced that it is a technology to be integrated from the start in every business. We asked our new employee a few questions in order to find out more about his background and his ambitions: welcome to KIMYA Nathan!

Can you present yourself and tell me more about your professional background?

Hello, my name is Nathan Litmer, and I’m the Business Development Manager for KIMYA in the North American Market. My story in how I got here, is a fairly easy read. Upon graduation from Northern Kentucky University in 2009, I accepted a sales position with a German-owned Air Pollution Control company that had a subsidiary in the USA. I spent 12 years in that sector and with the same company, which allowed me to not only hone my skills but also move up within the company leadership structure. From a personal standpoint, I got married at the age of 24, and am now blessed with 2 children. My son is 9 with a passion for baseball, and my daughter is 5 with a heavy focus on dance and soccer. For me, “Being Around” as they grow up has always been an important factor in choosing the right company to work for. Now at 36 years old, I was ready for a new challenge. Being in a more traditional industry had been a great learning and growing experience, but I was ready for a new challenge in my life. The move to KIMYA in June of 2021 made complete sense both personally and professionally moving forward.


How did you discover additive manufacturing?

Honestly, I can say that I didn’t really discover additive manufacturing; it discovered me. Armor USA was looking to add a Business Development Manager for their 3D division known as KIMYA for the North American market. Through recruiting efforts, we were able to connect. What I had at my previous place of employment was stability, an executive-level position, and comfortability. If I was going to make a move, it had to be the “right” move at the “right” time with the “right” company. Fortunately, the company, the vision, and the goals of KIMYA were in alignment with where I wanted to take my next career. Since June of 2021, we’ve been building the necessary business relationships to move this adventure forward.

What are your main missions at KIMYA?

I’m responsible for Business Development in the North American Market with a focus on the USA and Canada. Additive Manufacturing is somewhat saturated in the US market, so clearly defining our role in this space is key. With that being said, the first priority has been developing the right relationships with OEM’s, resellers, and direct customers; which will then yield collaborative opportunities with a focus on value-added solutions. These efforts will help drive the KIMYA brand both regionally and nationally moving forward. Frankly speaking, if you’re not marketing/advertising your successes together, you have no chance of being successful in this space. It’s certainly a challenge, but a challenge that I enjoy taking on.

ARMOR-IIMAK North America assists KIMYA with the supply chain.

What do you like the most about this technology?

It’s a technology that allows you to bring an idea to life! The complete customization of a printed part is truly unique, and one that traditional manufacturing often struggles with. The main hurdle that I see in making Additive more mainstream is the overall lack of knowledge on how the tech can be utilized in conjunction with traditional manufacturing. With that challenge brings new opportunity to educate those outside of the industry what’s possible while utilizing Additive Manufacturing.

How do you see the future of AM?

In my opinion, there will always be a thirst for increased efficiency and optimization. As society continues to get accustomed to the benefits of Additive, I believe that we will continue to see an upward trajectory of this technology. At 36, this is new to me, but I can say that the education system now is teaching these methods and practices at a much younger age with STEM programs. Adding AM into the education system will continue to push AM into everyday life as we move forward. To me, this is extremely exciting to be a part of this movement!