The key to an industrial revolution is process innovation

Additive manufacturing is turning every aspect of production engineering upside down. From design, to production, to logistics, 3D printing makes every step easier and faster! More agile and less expensive, it is very often the ideal solution. At last it is possible to make one-off parts or limited series rapidly and on demand while keeping design and production costs down. With increasingly ingenious and high-performance 3D printers and filaments, every industry will benefit from integrating this new method of manufacture into their processes!

Every industry is getting into 3D printing

In luxury goods and in medicine, for example, it is now possible to make innovative parts! 3D printing makes it practical to produce highly complex shapes! What is more, additive manufacturing also has the power to revolutionize manufacturing processes by introducing new, stronger, lighter materials. In the road, rail and air transport industries, this is an enormous advantage. What better way could there be to develop less energy-hungry products? Manufacturers understand this and are adding to their 3D printing facilities year by year to expand this method of production.
Are you really controlling all the advantages of 3D printing? In each of the industries for which Kimya designs and produces innovative, high-performance filaments, discover today’s industrial challenges and the solutions 3D printing can offer.

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