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At Kimya we are committed to satisfying our customers by delivering the right solutions and services for their needs. Our products and services improve with every new project and partnership! All our 3D filaments are designed in our Kimya Lab. Also, all the services the Kimya teams offer have been specially designed to meet your requirements, which is why we make it a priority to understand exactly what your requirements are, so we can continually develop our products.
To find out more about us, see our latest projects showing how we work with our customers to turn their projects into reality in just about any field (aeronautics, automotive, energy, electronics, industry, steel, luxury, medical). We strive for continuous improvement of the quality of our service and the performance of our 3D filaments, and to that end we take our customers’ feedback very seriously. After all, helping our customers accomplish their projects and goals is what pushes us to outperform ourselves!

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  • the list of our resellers to quickly find the nearest resellers to you;
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  • a review of our trusted partners (chemists, trainers, manufacturers, experts and printers);
  • and last of all our press area where you will find all our articles and our latest press releases.

Finally, if you need more information, take a look at our FAQ page for all our answers to Frequently Asked Questions. Can’t find the answer to your question? Ask us through our contact form for a quick reply.
Our Kimya teams are always on hand to develop exactly the type of filaments you need!