3D Materials – the PPSU filaments designed by Kimya

PPSU is an amorphous material with a high glass transition temperature and low humidity absorption. It offers good impact resistance and a high level of resistance to disinfectants and detergents.

Properties of 3D filaments made of PPSU

PPSU is very rigid. It provides excellent dimensional and thermal stability (continuous resistance at 180°C). The material provides chemical resistance and it maintains its robustness against heat and impact. It offers superior solidity against steam and boiling water. PPSU is also resistant to combustion without additives. A flame retardant, it also stands up to exposure to X-rays and gamma rays.

Among the polysulfones, PPSU offers better chemical resistance than PSU and PES. It also provides excellent resistance to sterilization in the autoclave, much higher than all other polysulfone polymers.

Compatible printers and the most common applications

PPSU is compatible with printers able to reach temperatures of between 360°C and 400°C with a heated plate of between 140°C and 170°C. It is notably possible to manufacture sterilization trays and surgical instruments. It is also suitable for food contact situations (EU 10/2011), for the aeronautics sector and for producing components used in the railway sector.

Possible alternatives: the PAEK filaments and PEI filaments.

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