PEI is a high-performance thermoplastic that combines excellent results in terms of thermostability and chemical resistance.

Properties of 3D filaments made of PEI

PEI offers excellent dimensional stability at high temperatures thanks to the high Tg of polyetherimide. These filaments also have very good chemical resistance to aliphatic hydrocarbons, alcohols, acids and aqueous solutions. Thanks to its very low inflammability, it is ideal for UL 94 V0 and generates very little smoke. It also possesses good mechanical properties, resisting continuous temperatures of up to 200°C. 


Compatible printers and the most common applications

PEI is compatible with FDM printers offering an extrusion temperature of at least 350°C and with a heated printing plate at 230°C. It is ideal for quickly producing tooling at low cost. It is therefore also perfect for manufacturing bespoke parts in the automotive sector.  The medical and aerospace sectors also favor this type of filament.


Points to note about PEI

The nozzle temperature must not be too high. This could cause partial deformation and seepage of the filament. Conversely, too low a temperature can weaken inter-layer adhesion. It can also cause poor printing of detail due to the viscosity of the polymer. Furthermore, the temperature of the chamber is generally slightly below that of the material’s glass transition temperature. Accordingly, it is important to maintain the part during production as close as possible to its crystallization temperature to ensure successful printing.

Possible alternatives: The PAEK filaments and the PPSU filaments.


Discover our PEI-based filaments: the PEI-1010 and PEI-9085


Resistant to UV and abrasion
Excellent dimensional stability
High rigidity
Chemical resistance
Flame retardant – UL94 V0
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Resistant to heat (inflammability certification UL 94 V0 & FAR 25.853)
Flame retardant
Chemical resistance
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Download our matrix to compare the properties of all our filaments.

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