3D Materials – the PLA filaments designed by Kimya

PLA is composed of corn starch or cane sugar. It is a natural and biodegradable material that offers an excellent alternative to polyethylene.

Discover the PLA-based 3D filaments by Kimya





  • PLA-R 3D filament by Kimya
    • Ease of printing
    • 99% recycled material
    • 99% biosourced material
    • Odorless
    • Glossy finish
    • Ideal for prototypes and producing biodegradable objects (with PLA-R Natural, 100% made of recycled and biosourced material)
    • Download the data sheet


Compatible printers and the most common applications


These filaments are compatible with most FDM printers. They can therefore be printed with or without a heated plate. The shrinkage with this type of filament is very low during 3D printing. Translucid by nature, it is ideal for prototyping being free of mechanical constraints. It is therefore perfect for producing models, spare parts, medical equipment and other single-use objects. Lastly, it is also highly valued for its esthetic finish.


Points to note


Its main drawbacks are its high sensitivity to heat (deformation from 40°C) and lack of flexibility. We therefore recommend that you opt for PS filaments, especially if your application is exposed to heat.


Download our matrix to compare the properties of all our filaments.

To find out more about the PLA-based 3D filaments, view the 3D Natives media kit.