3D Materials – PETG filaments designed by Kimya

PETG is a polyethylene terephtalate plastic. Translucid by nature, it lets 90% of the light pass through: it is therefore ideal for projects requiring transparency.

Properties of 3D filaments made of PETG

It is printed using a heated plate at 70°C. With resistance situated between PLA and ABS, it produces durable and robust prints especially suitable for applications in demanding environments.

Discover the PETG-based 3D filaments by Kimya


    • No delamination
    • Reinforced
    • High rigidity
    • Resistance to abrasion and heat thanks to carbon fiber reinforcement
    • Post-treatment applicable
    • 2-year warranty and guaranteed traceability
    • Download the data sheet


Compatible printers and the most common applications

PETG is compatible with most FDM 3D printers. Through its hermeticity and food contact compatability, it is widely used to print bottles, plastic cards and food packaging.


Points to note

It has a tendency to absorb humidity from the air. It must therefore be stored in a cool and dry location.

Possible alternatives: the ABS filaments and PLA filaments.

Download our matrix to compare the properties of all our filaments.

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