3D Materials – The HIPS filaments designed by Kimya

The HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene*) is a technical, lightweight and durable thermoplastic. It offers an esthetic and robust finish, without deformation.

*Polystyrène choc

Properties of 3D filaments made of HIPS

The HIPS has a print profile similar to PLA and ABS. It is also recommended to use a fixative. Its finish is very precise. Furthermore, printing can be done using ABS substrates and it offers high impact resistance.


Compatible printers and the most common applications

The HIPS is compatible with most 3D printers. It also dissolves in D-Limonene.  The PS filaments by Kimya are used for prototyping printed parts with a fine surface condition.


Points to note

It is only available in a few colors. It also is prone to warping (parts come loose from the plate causing deformation). Lastly, you will also need a washing machine or a tank to dissolve it in the solvent.

Possible alternatives: PLA-based filaments

Download our matrix to compare the properties of all our filaments.