PLA-HI Kimya 3D Filament

The 3D PLA-HI filament has been formulated to quadruple its impact resistance compared to PLA-S.


2 year warranty.

Diameter : 1.75mm
Net Weight : 750g
Color : Orange


  • PRINT SPEED : 50 mm/s


Buying a PLA-HI filament reel means choosing a classic filament revisited for optimized and responsible 3D printing:

PLA filament (Poly-Lactic Acid) is a light and durable technical thermoplastic, which offers a quality alternative to other plastics traditionally used for 3D printing, standard PLA and ABS. It combines the ease of printing PLA filament with the mechanical characteristics of ABS filament.

A 100% versatile filament to materialize all your ideas in 3D

Ease of printing & mechanical strength
The PLA-HI is an easy-to-print filament. Its regularity prevents blockage of the nozzle during printing. Its printing does not require a heating plate.
Visual quality: excellent quality of room and surface finish. Postproduction is easy, but not necessary, given the quality of rendering.
Better strength

PLA-HI is more impact resistant than ABS, while retaining the ease of printing a PLA. Our formulation modifications give the PLA-HI a tensile modulus and a percentage of elongation comparable to those of ABS while maintaining its ease of printing. The environmental responsibility and more.

The PLA-HI is the ideal filament to create parts like functional prototypes or spare parts, for model making, architectural models …

A bio-sourced PLA-HI filament

Kimya 3D coils and filaments are made from upgraded plastics, such as used ink cartridges, collected and recycled by ARMOR. In combination with a collection service, Kimya PLA-HI 3D coils and filaments are designed to be fully recycled after use.
The filament coils are made from 100% upgraded used ink cartridges. PLA-HI is derived from natural materials such as corn starch or cane sugar.

A quality 3D filament compatible with all filament deposition 3D printers

Checks are carried out at each stage of production to ensure the regularity of our 3D PLA-HI filaments and to guarantee the compatibility of our refills with all 3D printers.

The absence of bubbles and a constant diameter, with a tolerance of ± 0 , 05mm guarantee the correct operation of printing nozzles.

Available in diameters 1.75 and 2.85, the Kimya PLA-HI filaments are compatible with all 3D printers.

Kimya’s teams as well as beta-testers have carried out tests on a large scale. number of 3D printers of the main brands on the market: Dagoma, Leapfrog, Makerbot, Maylan, Mutoh, Tobeca, Ultimaker, 3D Volumic, Wanhao, Zortrax …

The PLA-HI 3D Kimya filaments exist in several packaging. Makers, schools, universities, design offices, DIY enthusiasts, marketing or innovation services … whether you have regular or occasional needs in 3D printing, we have the format that suits you. Contact us via our contact form.


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