3D Prining : Commercial alliance between ARMOR and 3D4MAKERS

Committed to the additive manufacturing sector since mid-2010, ARMOR continues to develop and expand, getting one step closer to its goal of becoming the European leader in high performance FDM materials for additive manufacturing. In the pursuance of this goal, ARMOR partners up with 3D4Makers, a Dutch company recognised for its expertise in materials with high added-value.

ARMOR pursues its ambition of European leadership in 3D Printing

ARMOR announces its strategic alliance with the Dutch 3D filaments manufacturer 3D4Makers in the winter of 2020. This sales & marketing alliance is part of the French industrialist’s strategy to become the front-runner in additive manufacturing, in Europe.

“With this alliance, we are moving forward in our ambition to become Europe’s number one 3D printing company, while still maintaining a strong active presence around the world.” Hubert de Boisredon, CEO of ARMOR.

Ce leadership s’appuie notamment sur une stratégie R&D de pointe concernant les matériaux en synergie avec le savoir-faire de 3D4Makers, permettant ainsi une réelle complémentarité dans les portefeuille produits des deux marques respectives d’ARMOR 3D et 3D4Makers, à savoir Kimya et Facilan.

ARMOR and 3D4Makers combine their unique expertise

ARMOR is known for its production capacity but also for its R&D project support at the Kimya Lab (materials, formulation, transformation,process and 3D printing), as well as its production of parts at the Kimya Factory. 3D4Makers, is known for its selfmade extrusion machinery used for high-performance and high temperature materials, specifically for Polyether Ether Ketone (PEEK). Their unique extrusion process, is quite different from what is usually found on the 3D filament market. The strategic alliance between these two companies – one in France (ARMOR) and one in the Netherlands (3D4Makers) – is based on a particular state-of-the-art Research & Development strategy that makes it possible to pool together their separate resources and expertise to form an iron clad force in the additive manufacturing market.

“This union of complementary strengths between our two companies, makes it possible to reinforce the development of high performance materials that can in turn be supplied to OEMs and the distribution chain, as well as the production of parts for industrialists, through our Kimya Factory offer” Pierre-Antoine Pluvinage, Business Director of Kimya – Additive Manufacturing by ARMOR.

“Strengthening our relationship is smart because our activities are highly complementary. We are very excited to see a company like ARMOR join us and are looking forward to working together on projects that uses ARMOR’s 3D printing expertise and experience.” Jan-Peter Wille, CTO and co-founder of 3D4Makers.

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