Kimya Factory

Our offering from the Kimya Factory

The Kimya Factory is responsible for providing support for the manufacture of your parts in small runs using filaments custom designed by the Kimya Lab or filaments from the Kimya Materials range.

A to Z support dedicated to industrial operators
With the 3D materials formulation know-how of the Kimya Lab, the Kimya Factory is fully proficient in all the properties and certifications of the filaments designed by its in-house laboratory. Who better than a filament designer and producer to provide you with the support you require to manufacture your parts using its own 3D spools? We conduct all the necessary simulations and tests to validate our materials’ conformity with your planned use and application. If you prefer not to integrate a 3D production circuit internally, the Kimya Factory is for you!
A service desk covering all stages of your project
Composed of applications technicians and several quality control specialists, our team takes care of everything on your behalf. Not only do we 3D design and model your part, we also then produce it directly via our printer fleet and finally take care of any required post-treatment. So you will receive your parts printed and ready to use, having been certified as conforming with the specifications you have provided to us. Our printing service is therefore not limited to prototyping requests, we also manufacture directly in small runs all your tooling and functional parts! Our full control of the entire value chain represents an absolute guarantee for you: from the materials selection to the 3D printing of your project, nothing lies outside the control of the Kimya experts!
Entrust your project to a competent and certified partner
Thanks to the guarantee of industrial competence provided by the ARMOR group to which Kimya belongs, we have ISO 9001:2015 certification to ensure that you are fully satisfied when you entrust your projects to us. We are also fully proficient in Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) technology and the 3D materials we produce all offer high levels of performance. Our printer fleet covering 150m2 of floorspace comprises no less than fifty 3D printers. We use a deliberately restricted number of printer models in order to maintain full control over our printing processes and to guarantee you the best possible result. The filament ranges developed by Kimya Materials are exclusively approved by the following printer manufacturers:
– Ultimaker, for the filaments PETG Carbon, ABS ESD and PLA-R;
– Raise3D, for the filaments PLA-HI, PLA-R, ABS Carbon, ABS Kevlar, and PETG Carbon;
– Makerbot by Stratasys, for the filaments PETG Carbon, ABS Carbon, and ABS ESD.
The Kimya Factory is the third mainstay in our extensive value chain
We can produce all your small runs on your behalf!