Our offer

Comprehensive support for the formulation of the material to additive manufacturing.

Whether you need just one link in the chain or its entirety, Kimya can support you and deploy your expertise at every stage of your additive manufacturing project.

Kimya Lab
Customized material formulation to meet your constraints
The Kimya Lab designs the formulation of the material you need. Our expert teams take into account all the constraints of your industry and create the tailor-made filament that meets your needs.
Kimya Materials
Production of custom filaments and Kimya ranges
Kimya Materialsproduces and supplies you with the filaments you need, whether from the KIMYA range, Lab formulation or your own R&D department.
Kimya Factory
Print your 3D parts with your favorite filament
The Kimya Factory accompanies you and prints on demand your 3D parts with the filament of your choice.