MOKAYA 3D prints pastry molds with Kimya “food contact” filament


MOKAYA specializes in the 3D printing of bespoke silicon or thermoformed molds for leading pastry chefs. Created by 3 aeronautics engineers, MOKAYA enables pastry chefs to give full expression to their creativity! By printing uniquely-designed molds, their know-how enables spectacular chocolate-based creations to “take shape”. This French start-up designs and produces these molds on demand. With its fleet of 3D printers to produce these unique items, MOKAYA called on Kimya to obtain 3D filaments of particular specifications in order to satisfy the demands of the renowned pastry chefs.


MOKAYA’s challenges to Kimya


MOKAYA needed a 3D filament suitable for designing molds able to meet the needs of the master chocolatiers. They were looking for a filament able to satisfy multiple demands:

  1. Complete food contact safety.
  2. Heat resistance during cooking without losing shape.
  3. Guaranteed low weight, flexibility and robustness to ensure the best possible finish for the culinary creations produced in the molds.
  4. Dark blue in color, as with all Mokaya molds.
  5. Produced in 10kg reels instead of the usual 2.2kg to meet the demands of their 3D printing process.

Kimya’s response to MOKAYA


Kimya proposed a high-density PLA-based 3D filament to produce reels suitable for the production constraints of Mokaya’s molds in dark blue – in keeping with the visual identity of Mokaya.  Yannick Castel, Senior Business Development Manager at Kimya, explains this unusual project:


“We have been working with Mokaya for a year now. It has been a highly interesting experience for us in many respects: firstly, their creations are spectacular and it is of great satisfaction for Kimya to participate in such stunning creations aided by our filaments! Secondly, our ability to provide a material that meets food contact standards, in the desired color and of such high density was a triple challenge that we were able to meet without difficulty! This success is proof of our ability to meet such specific and exacting demands.”



Focus on the Kimya Factory expertise mobilized for this project


This project is a fine example of the effectiveness of the services offered by Kimya and of the scope of the materials range available to the most varied of customers. In a world as demanding as that of the master chocolatier, the designers-manufacturers of these atypical molds can rely on Kimya’s 3D filaments for their products.


A demand as unusual as that of MOYAKA is fully covered by the DNA of Kimya; whose raison d’être is to provide unique responses to the most varied of customer demands. In this case, the vast range of Kimya Materials was immediately able to offer a food contact PLA filament fully meeting the customer’s specifications. Kimya also adapted its production to deliver 10kg reels in order to facilitate the 3D printing process of the molds. Lastly, the reels are exceptionally being collected and re-used for subsequent deliveries to Mokaya.


Our customers say it better than us…


Yoann Maire, partner-director at MOKAYA, is delighted with his collaboration with Kimya:


“We were especially attracted by the extensive range of Kimya’s products and services. Being able to work with food contact filaments is a prerequisite for satisfying our customers’ demands. Thanks to these filaments we are able to deliver high-quality molds meeting their criteria in all respects. Furthermore, the vast range of Kimya Materials filaments enabled us to immediately select the Dark Blue color for which we are known in the market. Kimya was highly responsive to our 3D printing constraints and our requirement for high-density reels. They were able to adapt their production process to come fully in line with our own. The excellent relations we have established over the past year are also evidence that we made the right choice. We are rapidly expanding and having reliable and high-performance partners is key to the continuation of our development!”


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