Kimya’s eco-designed range

At ARMOR, respect for the environment is one of our priorities, which is why we have developed an eco-designed range of products and a collection service for plastic waste relating to 3D printing. Some of our filaments are in fact produced using recycled materials: you already know our Kimya Kimya PLA-R, made from industrial production waste. At the start of this new year we are now pleased to be adding two new products to this eco-designed range: the Kimya Kimya TPU-R and the KimyaKimya HIPS-R.


The Kimya PLA-R

Our Kimya PLA-R filament is a material obtained from recycled plastic and is based on the properties of PLA, a polymer widely used in the additive manufacturing market. It is notably valued for its ease of printing and low fusion temperature, requiring neither a heating plate nor a closed chamber. The Kimya PLA-R is made from industrial production waste and is at least 97% recycled. Its advantages notably include the lack of odorous emissions and excellent printability. It will enable you to produce prototypes and decorative items very rapidly. We have also developed a Kimya PLA-R Natural, which is 100% recycled. It is biodegradable as defined by the EN 13432 and EN ISO 14855 standards at a maximum thickness of 1mm.


gamme éco-conçue
This part was 3D printed using our Kimya PLA-R filament (photo credits: KIMYA)


The Kimya TPU-R

Our Kimya TPU-R is part of the thermoplastic elastomer family, prized for its wide range of flexibility. Our filament has been formulated from 100% recycled materials and has a 90 shore A hardness for 100% filling of the printed part. Among its main properties, the Kimya TPU-R offers good resistance to abrasion, wear and hydrolysis and a high level of elasticity (it can be stretched to over 350% of its original size before breaking) and is compatible with food contact applications.


The Kimya HIPS-R

Our Kimya HIPS-R solution is a support filament for high performance materials designed from 100% recycled materials. HIPS (high impact polystyrene) is used as a printing support with ABS and can be dissolved in a D-Limonene solution. It is known for its high level of impact resistance and surface quality. Please note that it requires a heated plate for printing.


The printing characteristics of our eco-designed range

Kimya PLA-R Kimya TPU-R Kimya HIPS-R
Printing T° 200°C 210°C 250°C
Plate T° 60° C 85° C 90°C
Print speed 50 mm/s 33 mm/s 50 mm/s