KIMYA strengthens its partnership with AON3D

KIMYA continues its strategy of partnering with OEMs and takes a new step in its collaboration with AON3D. The leader in high-temperature 3D solutions announces the launch of a new line of ready-to-use high-performance filaments “Readyprint™” designed in partnership with KIMYA.

KIMYA, the preferred partner for OEMs

Strengthened by their partnership, established since 2018, AON3D and KIMYA wish to continue their collaboration in the long term. The objective is to offer quality 3D materials to users in order to accelerate the adoption of additive manufacturing in industrial processes. An AON3D printer has been installed in KIMYA’s premises in Les Sorinières (France) to develop customized materials for the leader in high temperature 3D solutions. The aim: to continue to enrich AON3D’s open materials ecosystem and bring new high-performance co-branded materials to market by the end of 2023.

Benoît Stoeux, Managing Director of KIMYA comments:

“In 2022, our know-how was recognized by Stratasys, the number one manufacturer of 3D polymer machines. This collaboration with AON3D is thus in line with our strategy of building long-term partnerships with printer manufacturers, very focused on the material. At KIMYA, we are convinced that it is by fostering collaboration between industry operators that we will be able to continue to innovate for the deployment of additive manufacturing”

12 high-performance ready-to-use 3D materials

A total of 12 filaments have been developed, including carbon composites (ABS Carbon and PETG Carbon), electrostatic discharge resistant materials (ABS-ESD), and high temperature resistant filaments (PC, PEI-9085 and PEKK-A). These materials are used mainly in the aeronautical industry.

Kevin Han, co-founder of AON3D adds:

“AON3D Readyprint™ filaments are industrial grade materials optimized for out-of-the-box printing. Our goal is to eliminate procurement, packaging and set-up issues to achieve high quality results with high performance materials. We are delighted to have leveraged KIMYA’s expertise in technical and customized 3D materials formulation to offer our customers more complete 3D printing solutions”

For more information, visit AON3D’s website.