Kimya Services

Kimya has selected expert partners in the fields of training, 3D printing services and installation/maintenance of 3D printers.

For Kimya, it is all about providing you with an optimum quality of service at every stage of your project. In their respective fields, the selected partners are able to benefit 100% from all the properties of Kimya’s 3D materials.

3D printers

Kimya offers you advice about the 3D printer manufacturers that have approved our materials. We can put you in contact with the resellers approved by these printer manufacturers to ensure that you enjoy the very best installation and maintenance terms. Print tests can also be conducted to select the most suitable printer for your project.

3D printing service

the partners we have selected are able to offer you their expertise in the design/modelling/printing of the finished part you wish to develop. Combined with the know-how of Kimya, these design offices and independent advisors will provide the optimum solution for your requirements, overcoming the constraints defined in your specifications.


Our partners are able to train your personnel; initiation courses and personalised analysis from beginner level to expert level. (Approved training body)