Kimya Lab

Kimya can provide you with R&D project support for all your requirements in the field of additive manufacturing materials.

We exploit the expertise of a multi-disciplinary team of engineers and technicians: materials, formulation, transformation, process and 3D printing.

Kimya focuses its expertise and its technology site in Nantes to maximise the prospect of successfully implementing your innovation projects via a range of services offering a high level of added value. Our objective: to improve the performance and functionalities of materials via applied research that meets the demands of the specific applications of the business sector. We achieve this through our specialist know-how and the innovative equipment gathered together at our expertise centre.

Combining innovation with performance

Committed to innovation and development with its customers, Kimya created the service offer Kimya Lab:


Formulate and implement on the basis of specifications defined with our customers


Analyze and characterize in the fields of chemistry of materials and polymers

3D printing

Ensure the good performance of materials developed for our customers.


Valorize raw materials and turn them into materials for additive manufacturing

Formulation and implementation

The laboratory conducts formulation and application studies using all types of materials dedicated to additive manufacturing. These studies are built around our customers’ specifications. The materials developed are characterised in our laboratories and also call on complementary skills for trials and simulations. Kimya conducts implementation and prototyping studies into thermoplastic and composite materials.

Bespoke production

Thanks to our production lines exploiting the latest technology, Kimya offers you the possibility of adding value to your raw materials by transforming them into materials for 3D printing. Manufactured in France, the lines have been designed and modified to ensure maximum production flexibility. These optimised production lines enable you to transform your raw materials into bespoke and high performance 3D printing materials.

Bespoke modelling and printing

To ensure the performance quality of the materials developed for you, Kimya also provides you with support during the modelling and production of your finished parts. Our printing unit is equipped with 14 printers of varied characteristics, ranging from desktop to high performance. Kimya undertakes to provide you with a complete solution for your additive manufacturing projects.

Analysis and characterisation

the technical platform is equipped with facilities of the latest generation in order to meet the widest possible range of demands in the fields of materials and polymer chemistry. Kimya‘s experts are at your service to maximise the complementarity of the different techniques to offer you innovative and tailor-made solutions. Our tests are conducted in accordance with ISO standards for printed parts in order to enable comparisons to be made between the formulated materials.