Kimya filaments at the heart of the Ultimaker Material Alliance Program

ultimaker material alliance program

In April 2018, the 3D printer manufacturer FDM Ultimaker launched its Ultimaker Material Alliance Program, approving a wide selection of printing filaments to enhance the user experience. The filaments in the program include the PLA-R and ABS-ESD by Kimya, joining the 78 other approved partners.


Choosing the material is a key step in the printing process for the user, notably regarding the choice of technology and the optimum parameters, regardless of the activity sector. By adopting an open materials strategy, Ultimaker is expanding the field of applications. Its machines now offer a wide range of materials with specific properties, such as heat resistance, impact resistance, and greater flexibility or hardness. Thanks to the program, the user can access multiple material profiles via download from the Ultimaker cloud.


The Ultimaker Material Alliance Program now has 80 partners (photo credits: Ultimaker)

Jos Burger, CEO of Ultimaker, explains: “As the leader in desktop 3D printing, the growing significance of the technology provides us with the important role of ensuring the compatibility of the hardware, software, and materials. By offering material profiles directly to millions of end-users via Ultimaker Marketplace, we are opening up new 3D printing applications in multiple sectors.”  Thanks to the profiles of the materials, users can print automatically by exploiting preconfigured parameters available in Ultimaker Cura.


The PLA-R and ABS-ESD are part of the program


Kimya has joined the Ultimaker Material Alliance Program with its two materials, the PLA-R and ABS-ESD. Our PLA-R is made from industrial production waste and is at least 97% recycled. It is currently available in white, gray, black, red, blue and natural, a form that enables it to be 100% recycled. This filament emits no odor during printing and does not require a heated plate. It is easy to print and is ideal for producing prototypes and decorative objects.


ultimaker material alliance program
The PLA-R Kimya is available in several colors

The ABS-ESD Kimya is a filament made of ABS with which we have mixed additives to provide protection against electrostatic discharge. Two different variations are currently available: black and off-white.

Both variations provide permanent protection against electrostatic discharge. Their effectiveness does not reduce over time.


ultimaker material alliance program
The ABS-ESD Kimya provides protection against electrostatic discharge


Do you use an Ultimaker 3D printer? Don’t hesitate to contact us if you require any further information about our compatible materials.