Kimya Factory, a bespoke production service for manufacturers

It is several years now since our personnel moved to the town of Les Sorinières, in a 1,200 m2 production facility divided into three main activities: the formulation and characterization laboratory for produced materials, named Kimya Lab; the production unit for manufacturing our compounds and filaments; and the Kimya Factory, a support service for manufacturers seeking to design and produce their finished parts quickly, based on the Kimya range of materials. Launched 2 years ago, this service utilizes 65 FDM/FFF machines from different manufacturers operating every day to meet the market demand.

The Kimya adventure began 5 years ago with the development and marketing of 3D printing filaments made from recycled 2D printer cartridge plastic and yoghurt pot production waste. Having identified the market requirements, our additive manufacturing entity quickly adapted the strategy of focusing on the design of high-tech and high-performance engineering materials. We now offer our customers bespoke designto ensure that they can access materials fully adapted to their specific needs directly related to the end applications. . For all those yet to invest in additive manufacturing machines, however, we offer a parts production service based on Kimya materials: the objective of the Kimya Factory is to offer the market a parts production solution that is cost effective for manufacturers.

Our range of machines has been designed to meet manufacturers’ demands

The 3D printers at the Kimya Factory have been acquired from multiple manufacturers, including Prusa, Volumic, Raise3D, MakerBot and also high-temperature models such as Intamsys, 3ntr, MiniFactory, Dynamical Tool, 3DGence and German RepRap… This enables us to design prototypes, molds and even finished parts for manufacturers from a variety of sectors, such as cable guides and ventilation grilles. The objective is to offer manufacturers a dedicated service able to meet the evolving demands. Today, the Kimya Factory is able to produce hundreds of parts each month depending on the manufacturer’s requirements; during the Covid-19 health crisis, production rose to 90,000 parts in three months, notably to produce mountings for protective visors. Pierre-Antoine Pluvinage, Business Development Director at Kimya – Additive Manufacturing by ARMOR adds:

The combination of our R&D services coupled with the production of finished parts enables us to meet 100% of our customers’ demands. We produce a finished product from high-performance materials directly from our own R&D, enabling us to meet the various certification standards in different business sectors.”

marché impression3d

Our range of machines also enables us to define printing profiles specific to the material and machine in question, always in collaboration with the printer manufacturer. Precious time saved for the end user, who simply has to follow our team’s recommendations. Our personnel also maintain the printers at the Kimya Factory and check all the settings before going into production. Lucas Bellec, Pre-sales Engineer at Kimya – Additive Manufacturing by ARMOR, concludes:

Our ultimate objective is to become a hi-tech service able to produce significant production volumes. Our materials expertise provides us with genuine advantage, as it is much easier for us to satisfy manufacturers’ needs.”