HAVA3D is now the exclusive distributor of Kimya 3D filaments

On March 5, at the Global Industrie exhibition, Kimya and HAVA3D formalized their partnership for the distribution of Kimya filaments.


HAVA3D, leader in 3D printing, is partnering with Kimya 3D materials

HAVA3D, the French leader in additive manufacturing, is now the only company to offer Kimya 3D filaments, through the Makershop online sales platform, one of the group’s three entities with NeoFab and SOTEC3D.

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“Kimya 3D filaments have the advantage of being compatible with Ultimaker and Raise3D printers, which we are the only company to market. We were immediately impressed by the quality and performance of Kimya products, and the diversity of its range. We are delighted to announce today that Kimya filaments will now be exclusively available through SOTEC3D and our network of retailers.”

Vincent Albert, Chairman of HAVA3D


ARMOR continues to establish itself on the 3D market

This distribution partnership marks an important strategic milestone for ARMOR.  The Nantes-based manufacturer is increasingly concentrating on “on-demand” design of high-performance 3D materials. Fully aware that international industrial groups want to adopt a more innovative approach to their manufacturing processes, ARMOR designs tailor-made 3D solutions for them. By partnering with HAVA3D, the leader in additive manufacturing solutions, ARMOR has chosen to outsource the distribution of its Kimya 3D filament ranges to a recognized partner in order to focus solely on its own expertise: the formulation of materials and the production of innovative materials for the printing of technical parts.


“It is a matter of satisfaction for ARMOR to outsource the sale of our Kimya products to HAVA3D.  The experience and reputation of Makershop will be a valuable asset in distributing our Kimya filaments as widely as possible. Makershop will offer several types of 3D Kimya materials from this month on its online platform, to prototype or produce very high quality 3D objects!”

Pierre-Antoine Pluvinage, Header of Kimya at ARMOR


You can order our two product ranges from the Makershop website, below:

  • “Basic” filaments : ABS, Flexible, HIPS, PET, PLA, Polycarbonate;
  • “Advanced” filaments: ESD-Safe, Eco-designed and Flame Retardant.


About HAVA3D

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Consisting of three entities: Makershop, SOTEC3D and Neofab, HAVA3D is the French specialist and national leader in the distribution and marketing of additive manufacturing solutions. To order our 3D Kimya filaments, please visit our exclusive partner’s website: www.makershop.fr.