New 3D Filament Kimya PC-FR with EN45545 certification

Kimya PC-FR + cable house

Expert in the formulation and characterization of materials dedicated to additive manufacturing, KIMYA continues to enrich its range of high-performance 3D filaments with Kimya PC-FR: a ready-to-use smokeless polycarbonate plastic that can withstand temperatures up to 105°C. This material joins the 25 or so filaments that KIMYA – with the help of its resellers – distributes in some 20 countries, including 10 technical and 8 high-performance filaments.

The properties and certifications of Kimya PC- FR

Certified to EN45545-2 level HL1/HL2/HL3/R1 and R6, Kimya PC-FR filament is particularly interesting for applications in sectors concerned with fire safety such as mass transportation (rail, aviation and naval). Nicolas Morand, R&D, Innovation and Industrialization manager at KIMYA:

“Due to its specific technical characteristics, Kimya PC-FR is an ideal material for printing mechanisms and railway parts that are subject to high heat, such as runners to increase the wheel-rail adhesion of a train in case of emergency braking.”

For more information on the technical datasheet of Kimya PC-FR.

Approved by miniFactory and validated by Stratasys

Kimya PC-FR filament has been approved on the Ultra model from Finnish manufacturer miniFactory, a KIMYA partner since 2018. This filaments was also validated by Stratasys this year allowing their users to benefit from an extended filament range, gain flexibility and accelerate the adoption of additive manufacturing to their production process. In an endeavor to make the printing process easier for all users, KIMYA has established numerous partnerships with 3D printer manufacturers. The aim: for KIMYA filaments to be approved on their machines to serve industrial and professional office services.

Cable housing with the courtesy of Alstom

Which print settings to choose?

The print settings are individual to each 3D printer and so we recommend contacting our technical sales team to define the most appropriate printing profile or one of our resellers.