Focus on materials: The Kimya ABS-EC filament

This week we are presenting the new 3D printing filament from our range: Kimya ABS-EC. As its name suggests, the Kimya ABS-EC filament is ABS-based. It presents the salient feature of offering electrical conductivity and good thermal resistance. It possesses the same characteristics as our Kimya ABS-ESD filament, with the exception of its surface resistivity, i.e. its ability to oppose the flow of an electric current. This is lower than in Kimya ABS-ESD. Thus, it allows electrons to circulate more rapidly, as in metals.

Kimya ABS-EC is a thermoplastic based on ABS, one of the most common polymers on the additive manufacturing market. ABS is produced by the co-polymerization of three co-monomers: acrylonitrile, styrene and butadiene. ABS was one of the first materials to be used in industrial applications, due to its resistance to impact, heat and ageing. Moreover, it provides a good degree of rigidity and robustness. Printing an ABS filament requires close control of its plateau temperature because the thermoplastic peels off more easily, but also ensuring that it shrinks on contact with air.

The main properties of ABS

What are the properties of the ABS-EC filament?

We have added additives to ABS-EC such that it allows the circulation of electrons along its surface. Indeed, most polymers currently are insulators, unlike metals which are conductive. Our material falls into this category of conductors thanks to its surface resistivity; it therefore carries electrical charges which can move easily. As such, it is ideal for automotive and electronics industry applications.

The Kimya ABS-EC filament possesses a surface resistivity of less than 106 ohms/m2. Surface resistivity measurements on our filaments are carried out according to ASTM D257 on 3D printed discs with a diameter of 80 mm and a thickness of 2 mm. Kimya ABS-EC also possesses better thermal resistance than PLA (90 °C). It is rigid and easy to print.

The resistivity of Kimya ABS-EC is less than 106 ohms/m²

What are the print settings for Kimya ABS-EC?

Every 3D printer has different print parameters, we therefore recommend that you conduct a number of tests before launching the production of your finished parts. We advise you to begin with the following parameters:

  • Print temperature: 260°C
  • Plate temperature: 95°C
  • Print speed: 45 mm/s

Are you interested in Kimya ABS-EC? Do not hesitate to contact our team who can give you more information!