Focus materials : The PEI-9085

The PEI-9085 is the new material from the Kimya range : from the family of amorphous thermoplastic polyimides, PEI (polyetherimide) offers excellent levels of resistance to chemicals and temperature. It is frequently compared to PEKK for its similar properties; however, PEKK has a reduced resistance to shock and lower processing temperatures. Let us take a closer look at its main properties, applications and printing characteristics.


PEI was first developed by the plastics division of General Electric in 1982. It was quickly marketed under the ULTEM brand. 25 years later, the company SABIC took over the business and, therefore, the brand. PEI is acknowledged for its very high temperature resistance, making it a material that very rapidly became prized by the aerospace, automotive and electronics industry to create coils and fuses. It is typically used to produce gears, bearings, transmission components, etc.

PEI 9085
The structure of the PEI-9085

The properties of the PEI-9085 by Kimya


Our PEI-9085 offers numerous properties able to meet industrial demands:

  • Good chemical resistance
  • Resistance at continuous temperatures of up to 200°C
  • Good mechanical resistance
  • Ease of printing
  • Good dimensional stability
  • Meeting the requirements of the FAR 25.853 and OSU 65/65 standards, it is a material that complies with the technical demands of the aeronautics sector when exposed to heat or flame
  • Meets the UL94 V0 standard for testing inflammability and fire safety


What are the advantages of the PEI-9085?


As you can see, our PEI-9085 offers excellent temperature resistance and dimensional stability, even at high temperature, and good chemical resistance to aliphatic hydrocarbons, alcohols, acids and aqueous solutions.

The PEI-9085 is very difficult to set alight and generates little smoke. It responds very well to fireproofing, smoke and toxicity.

Lastly, our material possesses good mechanical properties, resisting continuous temperatures of up to 200°C.


The printing parameters of the PEI-9085

Every 3D printer has different print parameters, we therefore recommend that you conduct a number of tests before launching the production of your finished parts. We advise you to begin with the following parameters:

  • Print temperature: 350-380°C
  • Plate temperature: 120-160°C
  • Print speed: 20-35 mm/s