Feedback from the 2018 Add Fab exhibition

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The Add Fab exhibition took place on 11 and 12 April at the Parc des Expositions in Paris; the second staging of this event, reserved for professionals in additive manufacturing, attracted over 3,500 visitors and some 20 exhibitors, including Armor 3D, which exhibited its range of filaments and took part in pitches delivered by a number of 3D start-ups.

Armor 3D attended the Add Fab exhibition at the stand of Multistation and presented its range of 3D printing filaments. There was something at the event for everyone, whether the eco-designed OWA filaments, notably the OWA PETG-S and the TPU-92A, an elastomer, as well as other very hi-tech products from the range. We exhibited different parts produced via 3D printing using the ABS Kevlar or the PETG Carbon, which are charged filaments; we also presented parts made of PEI and PEKK Carbon, materials mainly used in the aviation sector..

This hi-tech range can already be used on FDM 3D printing machines available at relatively low prices, opening up a whole range of possibilities for professionals seeking to create solid parts more efficiently and profitably. The PEKK Carbon, for example, can be used to obtain higher mechanical properties with a better finish.

During the exhibition, we also took part in a number of pitches delivered by 3D start-ups, a competition enabling young companies to present their innovative activities and judged by a panel of experts. Accordingly, Clervie Casters, Project Manager at Armor 3D, presented the OWA Speaker, the customizable Bluetooth speaker produced via 3D printing using our recycled and recyclable filaments exhibited at CES 2018 in Las Vegas. It was an excellent opportunity to demonstrate a concrete application for 3D printing and, above all, to showcase French know-how and the circular economy.

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Were you unable to attend Add Fab 2018 but would like to find out about our range of materials? Don’t hesitate to contact our marketing department, which will be delighted to support your project by helping you select the 3D printing filament most suited to your needs!