Dream Pops uses 3D printing to create tasty ice cream lollies

A refreshing idea for the end of summer

Have you just come back from enjoying the sun and beach on holiday? Let us take you back there by presenting a refreshing innovation: 3D printed ice cream lollies. The products have been partly designed using 3D technology. Dream Pops is the enterprise behind this plant-based ice cream. The company has come up with a modern sweet treat composed of natural ingredients designed using 3D printed moulds. And the ice creams are even packed in a compostable and recyclable box.


It was during a trip to Colombia that the Dream Pops team came up with the idea of making plant-based ice cream. Everyone loves ice cream, but many of today’s products are quite unhealthy, being made from chemical ingredients: the start-up decided to change all that by offering a plant-based alternative. So they designed a mixture free of dairy, gluten and soya, all at less than 100 calories. To achieve this they teamed up with the Michelin-starred chef, Juan Amador, stating:


“We give top priority to what we put into our bodies, above all. Healthy foods, high in nutrients and with a creamy consistency, just like ice cream.”


Glaces imprimées en 3D
Photo credits: Dream Pops


How has Dream Pops managed to produce 3D printed ice cream?

3D printing in the food sector is currently expanding rapidly. Now we are able to extrude chocolate and create complex confectionery, in addition to pastry for creating unique products. Another solution consists of 3D printing a mould into which the preparation is poured directly. An increasing number of printing filaments are approved for food contact, such as our PETG-S, which greatly simplifies the manufacturing process for complex moulds.


This is just what Dream Pops has done: the company 3D modelled several ice cream moulds and 3D printed them on an FDM machine. Once the preparation has been poured, liquid nitrogen is used to accelerate the freezing process.


The ice lollies are then ready to enjoy! Every iced lolly is naturally flavoured and coloured, using ingredients such as strawberry, matcha and mango, producing lovely pastel shades. The available flavours include:

  • Berry Dreams: a mixture of strawberry, raspberry and passion fruit
  • Coconut Latte: vanilla, coffee and coconut
  • Mango Rosemary: a mixture of mango, passion fruit and rosemary


Les moules imprimés en 3D pour les glaces
3D printed moulds (photo credits: Dream Pops)


The 3D printed ice creams by Dream Pops are sold in certain Starbucks outlets in the USA. They can also be delivered to any country at the rate of $4.50 per lolly. Here’s hoping they arrive in France for next summer!


Glaces imprimées en 3D
Photo credits: Dream Pops