Circular Economy: The 3D OWA offer honored by the Global Compact France

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The Global Compact Tour de France: the finishing line in Nantes

The Global Compact, a network launched by the United Nations, helps companies develop their approaches to corporate social responsibility (CSR).


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The Tour de France for SMEs of Global Compact France, the official relay of the Global Compact, concluded on 9 November last with a conference at which various organizations presented their actions with regard to the circular economy.

Among the many proposed initiatives, ranging from the creation of a guide on paper grading for office block managers to synergies between social inclusion and the economy, ARMOR presented its approach to the circular economy through the creation of new products and services.

We appreciated exchanges with other local initiatives:

  • The International Chamber of Commerce of Saint Nazaire, represented by Michelle Delcroix-Fialeix, adviser on the environment, sustainable development and the circular economy
  • Hervé Thermique, Represented by Simon Grand, Assistant Business Manager
  • Veolia Propreté Centre Ouest, Represented by Franck Pilard, Director of Development and Strategy,
  • Envie Anjou and Envie 2E49, represented by Philippe Robin, Chief Executive Officer

Global Compact Vice-President Antoine Hacot praised the Pays de la Loire region’s commitment to the circular economy:

“I am amazed at the dynamism of your region and also at the initiatives of local SMEs, some of which have the lead over large groups!”


The circular economy gives products added value

As a founding member of the ” Global Compact France SME Steering Committee”, ARMOR was represented on the circular economy round table by Annabelle Guillet, Director of Insurance, QSE and Sustainable Development, and Gerwald Van der Gijp, director of the Armor Office Printing division (AOP). Gerwald’s talk stressed the benefits of embracing the circular economy by presenting the OWA 3D range.

Gerwald Van Der Gijp Global Compact


“No longer do we treat used cartridges as waste but rather as a raw material to develop new projects. The circular economy lets products used in this process tell a story and have added value that heightens their appeal. Even though price is still a key factor in the decision to purchase, it is no longer the only decisive criterion. In approaching henceforth our customers’ CSR departments, we create new opportunities.”


And what about you? Are you responsive to the circular economy?