Back to Formnext 2019: New Materials and Partnerships

The Formnext 2019 exhibition was a resounding success with over 850 exhibitors and 34,000 participants. ARMOR was delighted to be able to present its solutions to international operators in the additive manufacturing sector. Notably Kimya Factory and its new material, PEBA-S Kimya®. It was also the opportunity to announce strategic partnerships with MakerBot and the German reseller iGo3D. Lastly, the team were also able to strengthen the positioning of Kimya and assess the current state of the market. All in all, a very promising event that confirms the greater maturity and dynamism of additive manufacturing.

Kimya’s team at Formnext

The materials taking centre stage at the event

It was the second time ARMOR has participated in the event as an exhibitor and the team were not disappointed! They observed genuine interest in Kimya 3D printing materials among professional users. Most visitors already have a project in mind with well-defined requirements. The market is clearly now more mature and participants better informed. It can be stated with confidence that additive manufacturing has established its role in small and medium production runs.

This year ARMOR presented a new filament that drew interest from numerous visitors: the PEBA-S Kimya®, formulated on the basis of the PEBAX® produced by Arkema. It is a material that offers high elasticity for applications requiring low weight, flexibility and cold-state properties, such as sport and orthopaedics.


Strategic partnerships

ARMOR took advantage of Formnext 2019 to announce its partnership with Makerbot. The US manufacturer has launched its materials development program and MakerBot Labs extruder for its METHOD X platform. Three filaments from the Kimya Materials range are now certified for the MakerBot 3D printer:

  • ABS Carbon an ABS to which we have added 30% carbon fiber in order to improve its mechanical properties. Users are therefore able to create more resistant and lightweight applications than with a classic ABS;
  • ABS-ESDa material designed to offer resistance against electrostatic discharge, of particular interest in the electronics sector;
  • PETG Carbonan amorphous plastic reinforced with carbon fiber.


Johan-Till Broer, VP of Product Development at MakerBot explains: “We are delighted with this collaboration with ARMOR. The Kimya materials offer our printing platform new possibilities, notably to design more lightweight applications with greater resistance but at lower cost. We are very keen to pursue our collaboration with ARMOR in order to offer our customers even more certified industrial materials.”


The exhibition also presented the opportunity to unveil a partnership with the German reseller iGo3D. In summary, this 5th edition of Formnext clearly demonstrated the high growth potential. This applies both to the additive manufacturing sector in general and to the high added value Kimya range.