ARMOR supports Hänssler in the production of complex sealing parts using 3D printing

Isolateur Hanssler en Kimya ABS-ESD

The German group Hänssler, specialized in sealing solutions and plastics technology, draws on the expertise of Kimya, ARMOR’s additive manufacturing solution, to design 300 sealing parts for one of its customers. With anti-electrostatic properties, this part is able to provide thermal protection between two elements assembled inside a machine. This successful collaboration between the two manufacturers confirms ARMOR’s expertise in designing custom parts with complex properties and uses, and strengthens its position in the additive manufacturing market.

From the filament to the functional part: a 360° industrial solution

A few weeks ago, Hänssler called upon ARMOR’s teams, through its solution named Kimya, to design and manufacture 300 finished parts for one of its customers. With the objective of designing a sealing part with anti-electrostatic properties to provide thermal protection between two parts assembled inside a machine, Hänssler integrated the Kimya ABS-ESD filament, meeting two essential criteria: it is anti-electrostatic and can withstand temperatures above 194°F (90°C). Thanks to the manufacturing of finished parts, ARMOR is also supporting Hänssler in its search for a fit-forpurpose solution to print parts in small runs.

« We offer a one-stop solution from the material to the production of finished parts capable of meeting the technical requirements of our industrial customers. Thanks to this 360° offer, we are able to provide our customers with tailor-made support to meet their needs. We are proud to partner with Hänssler, for whom we were able to manufacture a quantity of 300 parts to complement a production line already in use » explains Pierre-Antoine Pluvinage, Directeur Business Development at Kimya – Additive Manufacturing by ARMOR.

Agility supporting quality – the development of customized 3D printing profiles

Thanks to its production capacity and its teams’ expertise in supporting manufacturers, ARMOR provides the market with an agile production solution. Once the printing process was launched for its partner, the large size of the parts and their complex geometry generated traces of delamination and flow defects, causing some imperfections. ARMOR then developed a bespoke printing profile, especially created on the basis of the standard profile: the imperfections noticed at the start were quickly corrected.

« Our partnership with ARMOR has been very rewarding. The teams have demonstrated their reliability and skills, especially in such a challenging project. They were also very responsive in designing a print profile to achieve the expected level of quality and we were able to produce the parts on time. We are confident that this type of cooperation will continue in the future and that we will use their 3D filaments for other projects » concludes Adrian Heinrich, Marketing Manager at Hänssler.

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