Armor 3D Grows !

bertrand pesneau digital

The Armor 3D team welcomes a new member: Bertrand Pesneau as the new head of web marketing and E-commerce. Discover his career pathway and his new role.

1 – Can you introduce yourself and tell us about your career path?

During the past 15 years, I worked in a wide range of companies from midsize businesses to start-up projects, as a web marketer. The common point was that it was always related to the Travel industry! During that time I created my own company, I was a consultant on e-commerce, digital and webmarketing for companies intending to develop their lead acquisition and internet based sales.

Outside work I am a passionate horse rider and take part in amateur obstacle competitions!

2 – What are you main missions within Armor?

Photo Bertrand Pesneau 3My main mission in Armor 3D is supporting our dealer network’s web marketing actions and to develop the notoriety of our products on our website through a well crafted digital strategy. I’m in charge of promoting our 3D printing material and diverse platforms such as social medias or specialized communities.

In addition, I take part in elaborating new products and enhancing existing one to reach our objectives and staying grounded in our clients’ needs and wants.

 3 – What’s your story with 3D printing?

In my professional environment, I had acquaintances that dedicated themselves to 3D printing services for industrials, at the time, in 2013, I was struck by their decision. I discovered 3D printing through recreational uses such as 3D pens, just as the general public.

From there on I kept updating on websites such as 3Dnatives. I then joined Armor 3D in 2017 to contribute to creating an open world, full of opportunities for professional and personal uses, in every domain possible.