An innovative and forward-thinking initiative: Using additive manufacturing in the fight against covid-19

The University of Nantes partnered up with Kimya – Additive Manufacturing by ARMOR Group to design face shields to help fight against the spread of COVID-19. Thanks to this ambitious and progressive partnership, medical visors are being distributed to the heroic healthcare staff at the Nantes University Hospital, as well as first responders, care providers and essential workers.


An Exceptionally Efficient Production 

After multiple tests were conducted, ARMOR, together with the Nantes University Hospital and the University of Nantes, installed 3D printing machines and set up an interim production and assembly line. Not long after the first prototypes were created, the hospital’s healthcare teams were equipped with 300 protective visors, and an extra 500 were delivered only two days later. Inspired by this local initiative, the Regional Council of the Pays de la Loire decided to support and join the fight, by providing supplementary funding that will help produce an additional 20,000 face shields.

An Empowering and Solidary Collaboration

Many different parties joined forces to facilitate the focus of this initiative— equipment procurement and mass production for maximum distribution. Amongst them is PRUSA, a Czech company that has generously made their work available to the public and graciously provided open source 3D blueprints. ARMOR Group who offered its additive manufacturing expertise to produce the headbands and the elastic bands that hold the transparent cover in place. And of course, the engineers from the University of Nantes, who quickly and skillfully assembled the protective face visors.  

“Our teams are fighting against the clock to compensate for the current shortage of equipment. We are adjusting our production and operating processes in order to meet this urgent demand. 3D printing is efficient, fast and easily accessible so it is the perfect solution for the current situation.” Pierre-Antoine Pluvinage, Business Development Director of Kimya – Additive Manufacturing by ARMOR Group

For any questions or more information please send an email to Armor USA at the following address: [email protected]