Urban furniture from plastic waste

xxx bench print your city 3d

The city of Amsterdam came up with a highly original idea to make its inhabitants aware of waste sorting: by recycling their plastic they can contribute to the production of street furniture for the capital, most notably public benches. A fine initiative fully embracing the circular economy, enabling every inhabitant to contribute to the well-being of their city!

The Dutch research and design studio The New Raw is behind the project, named Print Your City! Its aim is to apply 3D printing to waste plastic and see how the materials can be reused to manufacture useful objects for the city. The first creation is the XXX Bench, a 4-seater bench available in several different colours. The Dutch studio is hoping to break the highly linear production cycle of plastics, by using them to create unique products.

Every citizen of Amsterdam produces an annual average of 23kg of plastic waste, enough to create 1 bench for 2 inhabitants every year! Each bench weighs 50kg and measures 150cm long by 80cm wid and is printed by the Dutch company Aectual using plastic granules on an XXL 3D printer whose extruder is fixed to a sort of gantry. The granules are sourced from waste that has been ground, washed and chemically treated. It’s an initiative that reminds us of the 3D printed building facade by DUS Architects using biodegradable plastic granules.

3D printing not only offers plastics a second life but also enables customisation of the city’s furniture: a logo or photo can be added to very bench. The citizens of Amsterdam are therefore fully involved in the Print Your City project! So when will benches be printed with the OWA filament in France?

Do you want to use more environmentally friendly plastic filaments? Please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected] We can help you find a printing material compatible with your technical requirements.