About Kimya

Expertise in 3D materials for industry.

The Kimya brand, launched by ARMOR, offers innovative solutions using made-to-measure 3D materials adapted to the needs of industry.

«Armor has developed Kimya as a response to shifts in manufacturing processes which we are familiar with, being manufacturers ourselves. Our goal is to design and produce 3D materials with a high level of added value to meet the growing needs of a market which is constantly searching for ever more intelligent solutions. It is vital to optimize our resources and to become even more flexible to be able to face the new challenges of industrial manufacturing.»

– Hubert de Boisredon, Chairman and CEO of the ARMOR Group

« Kimya Lab » : the experts in Additive Manufacturing

The “Kimya Lab” supports international industrial groups by designing made-to-measure 3D materials which meet their exact specifications. The “Kimya Lab” experts exclusively develop high-technology 3D materials.

What is the future of the industry according to Kimya? The on-demand manufacture of high added value prototypes and pre-production using demanding 3D materials adapted to the exacting needs of industry!

Industry is revolutionizing its production methods with 3D printing!

With continually improving technology, 3D printing solutions to the needs of industry are getting better and better, and relieve the biggest actors of the constraints which their manufacturing processes have always been subject to. The objective? Increased reactivity and autonomy. With the Kimya’s 3D materials, reducing the costs of large-scale production and storage is immediately achievable. The result of fine-tuned production: an increase in profits and on-demand manufacturing without the risks.

Did you know?

The ARMOR group also specializes in the formulation and coating of high-technology inks onto ultra-thin films. As an international company enjoying rapid growth, ARMOR positions itself exclusively in leading markets. Looking towards the promising future of 3D materials, ARMOR’s industrial expertise has enabled it to recruit, since 2017, the best experts, and to develop Kimya.