About Kimya

Firmly convinced that forward-thinking businesses should not wait for changes in regulations, but stay one step ahead, ARMOR embodies this change for industry and for environment.

ARMOR has built itself up through a series of technological innovations: carbon paper, fax paper, inkjet and laser cartridges, thermal transfer, 3rd generation OPV (organic photovoltaics) film, current collectors. With Armor 3D, the group is again wagering on the future by furthering research in materials designed for 3D printers.

In 2015, the Armor Group created OWA, the first organized recycling and beneficiation method guaranteed from end to end applied to laser printer cartridges. It is an industrial first, a real choice, led by a team resolved to carry through its convictions and its core values: make a success of the circular economy and not wait for a legal or administrative framework to engage in it! The OWA range now includes a range of PS filaments for 3D printing designed from the perspective of materials recovery and waste reduction.

Combining sustainable innovation with economic performance

Committed to innovation and sustainable development, ARMOR has set itself 4 major challenges:

Sustainable development


Reducing the environmental footprint of printing by offering ingenious and responsible consumables.



Ensuring the safety of people and property through product traceability thanks to thermal transfer technology (barcode printing, etc.).

Renewable energy


Converting light into energy for everyone thanks to 3rd generation flexible, organic photovoltaic film.



Improving the safety, performance and lifespan of batteries with En’Safe™ current collectors.


“What fills us with enthusiasm is integrating societal innovation into our core business model”


ARMOR and OWA: diversification through innovation

Committed to sustainable innovation and corporate social responsibility, ARMOR has initiated a circular economy process as part of its 2D printing activities by launching the OWA brand.

OWA’s development stems from the continuous innovation process that sustains ARMOR and leads it to diversify its activities. Or how to combine sustainable development and growth!

Leader status

In order to guarantee exemplary quality for its customers, all ARMOR’s production units are equipped with the latest technologies and cutting-edge instruments to evaluate quality at each stage, from design to acceptance and packaging of components. This rigorous quality control and constantly growing production capacity makes ARMOR the leader on the printing market.

  • N°1 Worldwide in Thermal Transfer technology
  • N°1 in France for remanufactured cartridges sales
  • European leader for alternative Inkjet cartridges

A national and international player

Armor, a French mid-sized company based in Nantes, posts sales of 245 million euros, 80% of which are export, employs 1,800 staff (700 in France) spread over 25 subsidiaries all over the world.

ARMOR has adopted an original industrial co-industrialization model:

  • Nearly 100% if the semi-finished products are made by the plant near Nantes and converted on demand as close as possible to the target markets.
  • A gain in market share thus benefits both local activities and the unit based in France.
  • A model that is the only one of its kind, the opposite of the relocation model.