6 filaments of our range are included in the Raise3D Open Filament Program

Raise3D open filament program

The American manufacturer Raise3D a program launched its Raise3D Open Filament Program

The US manufacturer Raise3D has launched its Raise3D Open Filament Program. This program certifies the use of several 3D printing filaments for its N Series and Pro2 Series. Among these filaments are 6 grades of Kimya materials, from the PLA, ABS and PETG ranges. This approval enables the user to find optimum printing parameters directly in the ideaMaker software for all certified filaments.


Kimya has been developing partnerships with international 3D printer manufacturers for some time now. The objective is that they test developed materials on their machines to be able to set the most efficient printing parameters. Today, although most printers are compatible with all thermoplastics on the market except for high temperature filaments, this does not mean that they offer the best performance levels. This is why certain manufacturers have developed approval programs, such as Ultimaker which launched its program in 2018 of which Kimya is also part.


The printing parameters of approved filaments are directly available in ideaMaker (photo credit: Raise3D)

6 Kimya references approved

The Raise3D Open Filament Program now includes some 20 international manufacturers. 6 grades from our range have been approved for use on Raise3D machines:

  • The PLA-HI, an easy-to-print material with high impact resistance;
  • The PLA-R, sourced from recycled plastics;
  • The ABS Carbon, a hi-tech, lightweight and high-resistance filament;
  • TheABS Kevlar, reinforced with aramid fibers;
  • The PETG Carbon offering a high level of rigidity;
  • The PETG-S, an amorphous plastic offering impact resistance.


Diogo Quental, VP Europe at Raise3D, explains: “The filament manufacturers taking part in the program can identify the best parameters for their own filament and send them to us to reproduce and test them.” If Raise3D confirms the best performance level using the parameters forwarded, the filament can officially be “Raise3D compatible” and the printing parameters are included in ideaMaker. This makes it easier for Raise3D customers to select from among a wide variety of filaments offering optimum performance levels. »

The PETG Carbon by Kimya is part of the Raise3D program

Furthermore, the Raise3D program also enables users to save time. They do not have to test the various parameters several times over. For example, you will immediately know that the ABS Carbon by Kimya requires an extrusion temperature of 260°C and a heating plate at 100°C. You can download all the printing parameters of our 6 grades at the Raise3D website.