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Kimya, embedding Additive into Manufacturing. A solution for manufacturers who wish to integrate additive manufacturing into their production processes for finished parts, tooling or quick prototyping. Kimya supports you in your R&D projects about materials for additive manufacturing.

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The Kimya 3D printing offering covers a very broad range of applications and industrial sectors thanks to the multiple synergies generated by its offer and experience.
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March 19, 2024

Introducing Kimya PEI Support: Simplifying Your 3D Printing Process

We are happy to unveil Kimya PEI Support, a new high-performance breakaway support filament meticulously designed to elevate your 3D printing experience. Tailored for use with Kimya PEI-9085 and Kimya PEI-1010 filaments, both based on ULTEM by Sabic, this innovative support material brings a new level of functionality to your printing of ultra material parts […]