KIMYA completes its eco-designed line of products with a recycled PETG filament

KIMYA, the additive manufacturing division of the ARMOR group, is launching a new recycled PETG filament. This new product of KIMYA, a pioneer in the development of recycled filaments, completes the eco-designed range of the 3D printing professional.

Kimya PETG-R, a recycled filament

KIMYA, the additive manufacturing division of the ARMOR group, is launching a new eco-designed PETG filament. Containing 97% of recycled materials and 3% of pigments, Kimya PETG-R is available in three colours: black, white and natural. The latter, free of any pigments, is 100% recycled. Its mechanical properties are similar to those of the Kimya PETG-S, standard PETG, filament which combines resistance with simplicity of printing.

“Our R&D teams have developed a recycled PETG filament which fulfils a strong demand from our distributors. We have carried out many tests to achieve a printing profile identical to standard PETG filament,” explains Pierre-Antoine Pluvinage, Business Development Director for ARMOR Group’s KIMYA additive manufacturing offer.

A unique local supply

This filament is the result of a partnership with a French packaging company specialising in the re use of industrial production scraps from the luxury and medical sectors. This unique supply source guarantees the quality and stability of the filament’s properties.

“At ARMOR, we strongly believe that one company’s waste is another’s resource, and that only together can we create a sustainable and productive ecosystem. In that respect, the KIMYA offer helps to strengthen connections between companies by creating economic and industrial synergies,” adds Pierre-Antoine

A range of eco-designed filaments to meet all needs

This new product completes KIMYA’s eco-designed line of products which already offers 3 recycled filaments: Kimya PLA-R, Kimya HIPS-R and Kimya TPU-R. These products were developed as part of the FIL’REC project, under the ORPLAST scheme (“Objectif Recyclage PLASTiques”) launched by the French environmental agency ADEME in March 2018. Lasting 3 years, the objective of the project is to provide financial support for plasturgists and manufacturers that convert raw materials into products incorporating recycled plastics among the materials they use.

“ARMOR’s additive manufacturing offer grew out of the group’s desire to turn waste into a real resource. This is how in 2015, we developed our first filament, the PS OWA, from industrial offcuts of food packaging. Today, our objective is to only use recycled raw materials in our basic PLA, PET, TPU, PS and PP filaments, and to develop high-performance recycled materials,” concludes Nicolas Morand, R&D Manager, Innovation and Industrialisation of ARMOR Group’s KIMYA additive manufacturing offer.

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